This blogsite will be for my Doppelgangers and Doubles (D&D) class at OU, so there will be posts discussing themes relating to alter-egos, clones, shadows, and avatars in both Western and Eastern media. I feel like these topics can get really deep/existential, so I expect to be both intrigued and horrified while doing this blog.

What is it exactly that makes doppelgangers and doubles so scary?

I guess we’ll find out.


D&D Guest Post pt. 2

A part two to the D&D Guest post! This time with Ian and another new friend — Morgan! During editing, half of the audio got deleted by accident, so it just randomly cuts off at the end.


Hello! I am currently a college student majoring in Computer Science.

I like the color green, petting dogs, eating pineapple pizza, anime, and Asian dramas.

You’ll often find me playing video games, practicing piano, painting, knocking down wasp nests, snacking on food, or watching video essays.