D&D Guest Post pt. 1

D&D Blog Guest Post OR Collaborative Blog Post: You can earn E.C. towards your D&D Blog by having a “guest post” by anyone you’d like to invite to write a post for your blog (or that you interview for your blog) on a topic related to the course theme/focus. This can be someone from THIS CLASS or a family member or your best friend or someone you game with, etc. For the interview option: you can record a conversation (i.e. a video or audio recording) or write a transcript of the conversation. This can be about ANYTHING: a film related to the course, your Research Essay topic, their own (course-related) interests/fears about doubles & Doppelgängers, etc. 

During our Christmas Get-Together, my friends and I decided to talk about topics relating to Doubles and Doppelgangers! They come and go throughout the conversation.

Me: trying to explain doubles + doppelgangers + keep the conversation on topic — says “like” too much.

Ian: literally has a twin (Andrew), likes to get existential.

Andrew: The “double” (Ian’s twin) mentioned who comes in for a few seconds and leaves.

Elle: comes in early, laughs/talks a lot.

Stefano: from Purdue, leaves after a bit.

Mikey: comes in later, takes Stefano’s place, listens more than talks.

Warning: Lots of screaming + profanity from Elle.

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